Black Ops Chronicles: Dead Run by Pepper O'Neal

Black Ops Chronicles: Dead Run by Pepper O'Neal

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Trusting a stranger may prove to be her only means of escape...but at what cost?

Abandoned as a child and desperate for the love of a family, Salt Lake City costume designer Tess Horton refuses to believe her newly discovered relatives are part of the Mafia—until they try to kill her. Plagued by assassins, and prophetic dreams she doesn’t understand, Tess flees to Mexico only to stumble upon CIA field officer, Max Maxwell, who washes up on her beach, wounded, unconscious, and Tess's only hope.

Is he willing to betray her trust...if it means stopping an attack on America?

Max is chasing terrorists during a storm on the Sea of Cortez when he runs into an ambush. Knocked out cold he awakens without any memory of who he is and what he is doing in Baja. When assassins arrive, Max follows his instincts and helps his rescuer escape. Tess has no choice but to trust him as danger closes in on all sides. With every step they take together, Max is drawn closer to his brave companion only to discover when his memories return that betraying her is the only way to stop the worst terrorist attack in US history.