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Dreamer 3 by Becca Johnson

Dreamer 3 by Becca Johnson

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Rory is excited for summer vacation. After a stressful school year dealing with her dreams and solving mysteries, she can’t wait to dream about her dates with Bryce and fun with friends. But her dreams confuse her when she dreams of being with the wrong Wyatt brother, fighting with friends, being dizzy and disoriented, and passing out on a cold tile floor.

Her life is turned upside down this summer. Bryce isn’t there to help her solve the mystery and talk through her dreams, and she doesn’t have his drawings to help either.

She gets scared when she dreams about a breaking news story. Three are dead. Is this what her dreams have been predicting? Who in her life is in danger? Can she prevent the death of three people? Or is she one of the three who will die?

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