Lone Hand by John Gorman

Lone Hand by John Gorman

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As a New York attorney, he thought he was prepared for just about everything, until he wound up in the biggest fight of his life…

Lucas Browne thinks he understands the legal system, until his father asks him for help fighting a ruthless mining combine over the mineral rights to his rural Pennsylvania farm. When he loses the fight—and his father—Lucas is devastated. Fed up with being an attorney, he heads for Montana to help his uncle on his ranch there, only to wind up fighting the same mining combine and its CEO Bill Crawford. Crawford doesn’t play by the rules, and Lucas soon learns that he can’t either—not if he wants to survive.

She worked for Crawford, until he destroyed both her marriage and her life…

Helen Sibley was a successful public relations specialist for the mining combine until Crawford made her an offer she had to refuse. After Crawford exacts his revenge for her refusal, Helen’s life—as she knows it—is over. Changing her name to Sybil and joining a biker gang, she seeks out Lucas in Montana and offers to join his fight against the mining combine.

With both of their former lives shattered, Lucas and Sybil are left with only each other. But Crawford refuses to leave them be. They have no choice but to draw their line in the sand, prepared to die before they yield.