The Common Touch

The Common Touch

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Major Zara Dare, air force brat from CFB Moose Jaw, home of 15 Wing. Zara followed in her father's footsteps by joining the air force. Unfortunately, she did not attain his pilot status. Her talents lie elsewhere. She always felt the need to make her dad proud, but knew she fell short. Now she has a tough new assignment. While His Royal Highness is attending the international Connaught Ranges annual shooting event in Ottawa, Zara is tasked to be part of his security detail. She must ensure the safety of the outspoken and unpredictable Royal. It would all be fine if she could keep their relationship on a professional footing, but minutes after they meet at the Governor General's gala, the prince begins changing things to suit him.

 His Royal Highness, Prince James Argyle Sandhurst Fleming is third in line to the Ríocht Oílean throne. James would be happier if there were several dozen more people between him and that particular mantle. Maybe why he continually shakes off his security to lose himself in the crowd. He too, had a successful military career, until the media's fascination made life impossible to continue without placing others at risk. While he takes his royal duties seriously, he is bitter about giving up his chosen career. He's not sure the life of a prince is what he wants. Then he meets Zara.

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