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A Bowl Full of Grapes by Jack Sprouse

A Bowl Full of Grapes by Jack Sprouse

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Rick Bennett and Elizabeth Meadow fell in love in their senior year of high school and knew they could never live without each other. But they both had dreams. Elizabeth planned to find a cure for breast cancer, the terrible disease that took her mother when she was only ten. And Rick wants to teach college students. Each has a passion for their dream as real as their passion for each other. When, after graduating from college, Elizabeth asks Rick to wait for her to finish her post graduate work and get settled in her career before they get married, Rick makes the hardest choice of his life. He breaks up with Elizabeth, telling her if she ever decides she is ready, he will be waiting, but he has to move on with his life. Both devastated, the two go their separate ways, only to discover, too late, that they were both wrong. Can fate intervene to reconnect them, or are they doomed to pay for this mistake forever?

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