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About Time by Rebecca Marks

About Time by Rebecca Marks

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It’s April 2001. Boston attorney, Maggie Jones, is reeling from the after-effects of an abusive marriage. Having been pushed back into the dating scene by her best friend, Maggie reluctantly participates in a Revolutionary War reenactment in Lexington, Massachusetts, but she’s not interested in the blind date her friend has set up. When a sudden lightning strike catapults her back to 1801 New York City, she is both confused and afraid. How will she—a woman—survive in the past with no means of support?

The answer seems to lie in the dashing young tutor to Alexander Hamilton’s children, Ethan Danvers, with whom she falls deeply in love. When a young woman they know is wrongly accused of murdering an abusive boyfriend, Maggie begs Hamilton to take the girl’s case, convincing the incredulous Hamilton to allow her to be co-counsel. But Ethan was seriously injured by the young girl’s boyfriend and seems to remember nothing of the incident. As he is the only witness, Maggie is frightened about what will happen to her client if his memory doesn’t return—as well as what will happen to her if he should succumb to his injuries…

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