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Act on the Heart by Genie Smith Bernstein

Act on the Heart by Genie Smith Bernstein

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Grieving the loss of her husband and child, she just wants to be left alone…

On the brink of severe depression, Kathryn Tribble abandons her New York editing career and seeks sanctuary in rural Georgia where she grew up. But one of her major clients, celebrity author Joe Butler, pursues her, insisting she edit his first fiction novel. Kathryn reluctantly agrees, but is devastated when the manuscript seems to be mined from her very own misfortune. Instead of finding the peace she longs for, Kathryn is once again pushed to the brink.

Hiding a sham marriage and caring for his seriously ill daughter, he wants much more from her than editing skills…

Descending from Hollywood royalty, Joe’s first book was a biography of his family, but Kathryn recognized his rare talent and challenged him to write fiction. Doing so, he transforms the raw courage he sees, in her efforts to reclaim her life, into what promises to be a blockbuster heroine. His hard work backfires when Kathryn refuses to have anything more to do with the book—or with him. Heartsick at the pain he’s unintentionally caused her, Joe abandons the project. However, his megastar cousin, Colton Bennett, is determined to make it into a movie. Even worse, Colton becomes infatuated with Kathryn, convinced that, in his world of make believe, he can anchor himself to reality by making her his wife.

Mired in grief and pain, these three troubled people face a hard choice—to walk away and risk, losing everything that matters, or to act on the heart.
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