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Baron Von Prindel's Parade by Tobias Garrett

Baron Von Prindel's Parade by Tobias Garrett

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The heroic and peculiar Baron Von Prindel embarks on a perilous journey with his talkative companions: Hopper, a hyper and loyal dog, and Maroon, his more intelligent and wise-cracking horse. Their quest for their king, and the neighboring sultan, is to find the magic Water of Jewelz, said to give anyone who drinks it the powers to rule. No man in all written history had ever succeeded. Armies and nations had been destroyed in its search.

Baron, Maroon, and Hopper have never failed on any of their knightly missions, but they fear that this will be their last. Duty and honor lead them into a land where humans, dogs, and horses are not welcome, and more often than not, eaten upon introduction. And even if they succeed in their quest, do they dare give the water to men who hunger for even more power than they already have?

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