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Double Dare by Tara Eldana

Double Dare by Tara Eldana

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He’s married to the woman of his dreams, but she hates him with a passion that drives him crazy…

Liz hates Luke for his part in hurting her best friend Amy when he helped his best friend Gray to ditch Amy at the altar. But when Liz dares Luke to marry her, while on a drunken romp in Las Vegas, he spirits her away to a wedding chapel before she can back out. Now she’s stuck, and he won’t give her a divorce unless she spends one night with him, no holds barred…

She wants him as much as he wants her, but she doesn’t trust any man…

Liz is blindsided by her attraction to Luke and by his determination to make their Vegas marriage real. But she was assaulted in high school and, although she fought back and escaped, she doesn’t trust any man who’s not in her immediate family. Now Luke’s daring her to trust him with her body and, more importantly, her heart. She’s never turned down a dare—but there’s never been so much at stake.
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