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Eve's Amulet ~ Book 1 ~ Revised Edition by Carole Avila

Eve's Amulet ~ Book 1 ~ Revised Edition by Carole Avila

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A psychic leaves her a present—but is it a blessing or a curse?

When Mandy Ruhe receives a sacred amulet from a mysterious woman she’s never met, she is suddenly swept back in time to Texas 1845 and wakes up in the body of Carmena Luebber, owner of the Holiday Ranch. Until she can return to her own time, Mandy must assume Carmena’s role. As she endeavors to discover why she was sent into the past, Mandy is caught up in the lives of the people who work for Carmena—their struggles, hopes, and dreams—and ends up torn between the two men in love with the woman she portrays. But Mandy is forced to admit that she can’t have either one of them, no matter how much her heart wishes otherwise. Trapped in the past, she must complete an unknown task and find her way back to the present—before she screws up the future for everyone!

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