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Flesh and Blood

Flesh and Blood

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He walked through a door and in the blink of an eye his life was changed forever. 

Frank Grace, a homicide detective with a tarnished reputation, has always maintained the distinction between career and family. Until now.

His marriage is on life support. And when a body discovered in the men’s room of a seedy Hollywood bar turns out to be his wife’s father he realizes his two separate worlds have collided.

Along with his principled partner Michelle Santana, Frank begins delving into his victim’s life. Digging deeper, one inescapable fact becomes painfully apparent.

His wife of fifteen years has been harboring a secret.  

A grieving widow insists her husband’s death was not an accident. A hedge fund manager worth millions is murdered in a derelict neighborhood of Los Angeles. A prominent plastic surgeon with connections to the highest levels of local government appears shady. A down-on-his-luck chauffeur with a gambling addiction needs to come up with forty thousand dollars. A man who’d once been an icon in the adult film industry becomes unhinged.

And somehow, someway, this all ties back to Frank’s father-in-law.

As he and Michelle untangle a web of deceit, dishonesty and distrust, Frank weighs a heavy decision between what’s legally just and morally right. Closing the case may very well close the door on his marriage. 

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