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Goodwill by Arcey Dear

Goodwill by Arcey Dear

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Two Weeks before Christmas…

Finding a red weave pocketbook containing a passport bathed in a creepy glowing plasma, in a Goodwill and being followed around by the murdered woman to whom it belonged is just another day in the life of Theresa Lillian Lewis. The plucky war widow and mother of a twelve-year-old is all too used to the weird.

Theresa communicates with ghosts—they mostly want her to find lost items—but after she buys the red pocketbook, things get complicated fast. She collides with a hot cop named Andy, gets shot, finds out that the devil has a serious bone to pick with her because of something she did as a four-year-old, and gets to meet Santa and a mischievous nymph named Barney. Now, all Theresa has to do is to resolve some mysteries about her childhood and her parents, learn what she has to do to put the world back in order, and escape from the devil in hell…

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