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Jake's Song by Ramona Forrest

Jake's Song by Ramona Forrest

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He makes her feel safe—when he isn’t accusing her of murder…

Hettie Jamison lost her husband in 1892 and now, two years later, her ranch hand has been murdered and her cattle are being rustled. When the sheriff of Flagstaff, Arizona, Jake La Force, comes to investigate, Hettie’s foreman hints at her guilt and Jake interrogates her. Hurt and angry, Hettie tries to deny the attraction between them and orders Jake off her property. But he won’t stay away, using every excuse to come back and continue his assault on her heart.

He’s determined to make her love him—but she’s putting up one hell of a fight…

A tough, no-nonsense lawman, Jake is surprised to find himself falling deeply in love after just one look into Hettie’s fiery, golden eyes. While trying to solve the murder and rustling on her ranch, he must deal with suspicion, jealousy, and horse theft—not to mention a troubled young girl who’ll stop at nothing to have Jake for herself. Jake knows he must overcome nearly insurmountable odds to claim Hettie for his own…he also knows this feisty and fiercely independent widow just might be the death of him.
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