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Laid Hard & Fast: Imelda's Story by AH Scott

Laid Hard & Fast: Imelda's Story by AH Scott

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Mexico, 1862: Imelda Ignacio is alone, her family gone by the hands of the murdering dog, El Muerto, and his men. Thoughts of this man are always at the forefront of Imelda’s mind. No matter the situation, it is imperative that she be the one to find him and bring him to justice. Living isn’t an option for Imelda until the dead are avenged. But as she pursues the murderer, she learns a hard truth—if you’re willing to kill, you’d better be willing to die.

Walking down the streets of Laredo, guns hung low on her hips, Imelda—on the road to no redemption—is thrust into a life of deceit, survival, and what she calls justice. But where will it end?

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