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Legacy 627

Legacy 627

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Cascadia, September 2133

On her 30th birthday, Alex Glover, Cascadian Intelligence Mission Agent, comes into possession of a unique journal that once belonged to a young American woman. On that day she also becomes the target of an American military determined to possess the journal—and the secret it contains—for themselves.

How the journal came to be in Cascadia is just one of the mysteries Alex and the CIMA-2 team must solve before they find themselves in a race against both time and the determined Americans as they embark upon a mission that takes them from Cascadia to Atlanta and across the American South.

Their mission: rescue one of their own being detained by the American FBI and recover and destroy a deadly substance that has already killed nearly a dozen people—a substance the Americans are eager to obtain and weaponize.

Millions of lives are at risk.

Failure is not an option.
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