Love Letters in the Wind by Pinkie Paranya

Love Letters in the Wind by Pinkie Paranya

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She hadn’t expected anyone to read the love messages she tossed away...but he did.

Recuperating from an abusive marriage, Casey Nichols flees with her asthmatic, six-year-old son Jake to Colorado, hoping to improve his health. She moves them into an isolated cabin on a remote ranch. It’s a lonely life, and Casey resorts to putting notes in the ever-present tumbleweeds, casting them to the winds in an effort to ease some of the pain in her heart. But when the poems she thinks will never be read are found by the one person she doesn’t want to see them, her whole world is turned upside down.

He hadn’t expected anyone to get close enough to hurt him again...but she did.

Matthew Tyree is a reclusive rancher who lost his wife and unborn son in a car accident. Devastated, he has vowed never to love again—a vow he keeps until Casey and Jake worm their way into his heart. But his hopes for a second family are dashed when Casey mistakes his marriage proposal as nothing more than a convenient business arrangement. Unable to express his feelings in the words Casey needs to hear, Matt watches his chance for love crumble like the mysterious poems he’s been finding inside the tumbleweeds.

Can these two wounded souls learn to trust again or will their only chance for happiness fade away like love letters cast to the winds?