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Machetes for Two by Carol J. Megge

Machetes for Two by Carol J. Megge

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Backpacking through Nicaragua with her boyfriend Tom, Jamie discovers her father has actually paid him to be her bodyguard. Furious, she wants nothing more to do with him—despite the attraction they feel for each other—but before she can storm off on her own, her uncle calls with a desperate plea for help. He’s a doctor working with primitives in the Amazon jungle. He needs her to send a helicopter to rescue him before an outsider-fearing neighboring tribe kills him.

Knowing she can’t pull the rescue off by herself, Jamie reluctantly forgives Tom, and he agrees to help. To get the money needed for the helicopter, she and Tom take a job delivering some heavy crates to a man on the other side of Nicaragua. However, they are not the only ones interested in the crates. Fighting off pirates and smugglers, Jamie and Tom will be lucky to survive the delivery, let alone the jungle rivers, alligators, and mosquitos. Can Tom find the courage and strength to win Jamie? Can she rescue her uncle, earn her independence, and still keep Tom?

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