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Mystical Laotian Flower by Brent Ayscough

Mystical Laotian Flower by Brent Ayscough

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A plant exists that could change mankind’s evolution, and the key to it resides with an exotic woman in Laos…

When Spencer and Candice Harrington, two research doctors, travel to Laos on a sabbatical, they meet a beautiful and exotic young woman, whom they nickname Faint Chance. They hire her to be their guide while in Laos and offer to sponsor her to come to America. Touched by their kindness and generosity, Faint Chance shares with them a secret—she has the leaves of a special flower that grows only on a cliff near her village in the northern mountains. She tells Spencer and Candice that, if they eat some of this plant before sex, they will create a very special baby. They take her pronouncement with a grain of salt, but they also take the plant and eat it, not wanting to hurt her feelings. Back home in America, Candice gives birth to Devan, who is born with extraordinary gifts. Now firm believers, Spencer and Candice send Spencer’s brother, Cameron, to Laos to meet up with Faint Chance and get more of the plant so they research its properties and reproduce it in the lab.

Cameron, a confirmed bachelor, is soon traipsing through the mountain jungles of Laos with the beautiful Faint Chance, thinking his main concern will be not to fall head over heels in love with her while he’s there. Little does he know that word of his mission has reached the powerful Japanese Mafia, who see the plant as a way to become immensely wealthy. After all, who wouldn’t pay a fortune to guarantee having a gifted child? Soon, Cameron and Faint Chance find themselves embroiled in a life-and-death struggle that will take all of their wit and cunning—and maybe even a little help from the spirits—if they are to have any chance of surviving.

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