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No Small Deceit by Mary Jane Bryan

No Small Deceit by Mary Jane Bryan

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Committed to winning a challenge from friends, he falls in love with a woman who is not what she appears to be…

Brent Walker receives a challenge from friends to interview and photograph Margret Barnett, the elusive heir to a newspaper fortune. His only clue is Granville, a small Southern town. But when he gets there, no one in town will tell him where she lives. Still, all is not lost. While in Granville, he meets and falls in love with Tali, a beautiful young woman who lives on a farm with her grandmother.

She loves him, but she’s afraid to let him know who she really is…

Tali is used to people trying to find Margret Barnett, but she knows the town will protect her identity. She’s afraid if Brent finds out who she really is, he will only want her money and she wants to be loved for herself. Besides, he’s as secretive as she is about his life away from her, and she suspects he’s not the humble journalist he appears to be.

Can these two strong-willed people find a common ground of trust and acceptance, or will pride, stubbornness, and deception keep them apart?
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