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Poseidon's Eye by Tirsha O'Keefe

Poseidon's Eye by Tirsha O'Keefe

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Los Angeles attorney, Alex Carreras, has it all—a position with a prestigious law firm, an engagement to the boss’s daughter, and a budding political career—until the night he stops to help a murdered girl in a battered Chevy van. Now he’s a suspect. The cops are saying he knew her. He didn’t, but, in order to clear his name, he must get to know the victim—and everyone she knew—very well.

Alex is clearly being set up, but by whom and for what reason? Most of the investigators on the case just want to close it and move on, but Detective Murray Schmitz believes there’s more to story than meets the eye. And she not only has the ability to track down the real killer, she has the desire. Both Alex and Murray want to find the truth, no matter the consequences. But while it can clear Alex’s name and cement Murray’s reputation in her department, it can also lead them both to the same end as the girl in the van…

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