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Reclaiming Lexi by Tara Eldana

Reclaiming Lexi by Tara Eldana

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She’s filled with a sense of dread on her wedding day…

Lexi McCardle still dreams of Luke Kettering, the guy who dumped her in high school, although she hasn’t seen or heard from him since. Concerned about her wedding-day jitters, her family questions her decision to go through with it. Then her fiancé calls it off just as she’s kidnapped by Luke. Luke says he loves her and always has. But she doesn’t believe him. Can she ever get past her feelings of hurt and betrayal in order to trust him again?

He’s tried to forget her, but to no avail…

After he learns of Lexi’s wedding plans on social media, Luke calls in all his favors through his contacts with the prosecutor’s office where he works and discovers a dark secret about her fiancé, forcing the man to call off the wedding. Luke then kidnaps Lexi and takes her to a remote cabin in Northern Michigan to give them some time alone. He’s always loved her, but even as the passion ignites between them, he fears they can never get past her anger. Can he convince her that she belongs to him, or will his betrayal in high school doom their love forever?
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