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Stranger on the Tonto by Ramona Forrest

Stranger on the Tonto by Ramona Forrest

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The last thing she needs is another man she can’t afford to trust...

When Cherry Bender discovers her father’s been fatally wounded, she vows to find his killer and stop the constant trouble on her ranch. Very short-handed, but unsure who to believe, she reluctantly hires a tall, gray-eyed stranger who comes to the ranch with the news that her uncle has also been murdered.

He only wanted information...until he met her.

John Carmona didn’t come to the Bender ranch looking for work, but to find out who was illegally mining a rare mineral from the nearby hills. But one look at Cherry and John’s plans change drastically. Determined to save her ranch from the forces working against her, he must fight not only Cherry’s suspicions of him, but also the evil assassin sent to kill them both. Can John win Cherry’s trust in time or will he die trying to save her life?

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