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Sunrise by Scott Abel

Sunrise by Scott Abel

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Eighteen-year old Parker Austin, big brother and high school quarterback, dreams of glory on the football field. But a tragic shooting shatters Parker world. In a chilling span of sixty seconds, a mass tragedy wreaks havoc upon his life, family, and community. Although hailed a hero, Parker is horror-struck to discover that an incident from his past was the motive for the killings and he was the intended target. When someone threatens to get the one that got away, Parker finds himself hunted.

Help comes from an unexpected source—an angel named Marie. A spunky, impulsive guardian, Marie is dedicated to saving Parker at all costs, but will her love be enough to save him when the darkness comes for him? When Marie is confronted by a sinister nemesis who covets Parker’s soul, a desperate struggle is waged over Parker’s fate. With time running out, she must face her growing, but secret, affections for Parker that she can no longer ignore, affections that will force her to make the ultimate decision—sacrifice herself and all that she believes, or lose him to the darkness forever.

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