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The Charm Bracelet

The Charm Bracelet

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The Charm Bracelet

Jessica’s world has taken a sharp turn. Her much loved and important part of her life, her grandmother, has passed away.

Tasked with taking care of the estate, Jessica discovers that Darla has left behind her heirloom charm bracelet. Jess recalls with fondness that each charm had a story and special memory that represents various stages of Darla’s life. As Jessica clears out Darla’s home, she remembers the stories and begins to connect some the secrets of Darla’s life to each charm.

With the exception of one.

Darla never revealed the story behind one specific charm. Even when directly questioned, Darla remained aloof and redirected any inquiries.

There are only two people, including Jessica’s mother, who know the secret behind that charm. They want it to continue to be a secret. The length they will go to, to keep that secret, turns out to be Jessica’s problem.

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