The Chase by Leonardus G. Rougoor

The Chase by Leonardus G. Rougoor

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Joseph has finally put the past behind him. Life is everything he has ever envisioned. Justice has been meted out, the ones responsible for the crimes against him and the innocent have been made to pay, and he can finally end his life of violence. Then, in one moment, it is gone. Everything he values has been stolen from him by a criminal looking for a quick payday. So what can Joseph do when, after a life of tragedy, he finally finds happiness, and someone rips it all away from him? How can he go after a man, when he has no idea where the perpetrator is and only a vague idea of what he looks like? How does he find the will to survive when his whole world is gone and the only thing he has left is the need to make the guilty pay?

The chase is on, and Joseph will have to use every resource available if he’s to succeed. But what will he do if he actually catches up with the man he has come to hate more than anything?

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