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The Girls Whispered Murder by Lynn McPherson

The Girls Whispered Murder by Lynn McPherson

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The second book in the Izzy Walsh Mystery Series!

Springtime is beautiful in the cozy town of Twin Oaks, nestled along the New England coastline. It’s 1954, and Izzy Walsh is at The Mariner’s Whisper, Twin Oaks’ most popular dinner club, for a girls' night out.

But the fun is short lived and the highballs run dry when the chef is found murdered the next morning. Izzy finds herself drawn into the mystery when clues turn up everywhere she goes. She is determined to help, but a party of suspects begins to crowd the menu, and it becomes hard to choose just one.

Can Izzy find the culinary killer and live to tell the tale, or will her boundless curiosity lead to her own dead end?

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