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The House Wren by Jack Sprouse

The House Wren by Jack Sprouse

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Dairy farmer, Alton Kemper, has a life changing experience following the death of his son Jim, a soldier in World War II, when he decides he has to live again for his grandson. Alton’s grandson, Jimmy, grows up in the shadow of his bigger-than-life grandfather, learning what is it means to be a man of honor. While in college, Jimmy suffers a broken heart and, as a result, joins the army, becoming a helicopter pilot, and is sent to Vietnam. Though he fears for Jimmy’s safety, Alton understands his grandson’s desire to serve his country. Jimmy promises to come back and run the farm for his grandfather after the war. But Alton dies before Jimmy returns, making Jimmy all the more determined to be the best man that he can be as a tribute to his beloved grandfather. But life presents many challenges, and the Kemper family must endure not only hardship, but loss…

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