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The Journey to Jordan by Debbie Lee

The Journey to Jordan by Debbie Lee

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She’s guarding a that, if it’s discovered, will destroy everything she’s worked so hard to gain.

In order to claim her inheritance, Jordan Shaw is forced to return to her hometown. She changes her name and opens a flower shop, praying no one will ever learn the truth about her past. But when she meets Luke Kincaid, her carefully-constructed walls come tumbling down...even though she’s convinced he’s married.

He’s in love with two women at the same of whom he’s never even seen.

When Luke wanders into Jordan’s flower shop to buy a gift for his mother’s birthday, Jordan falls off a ladder and into his arms. But this encouraging beginning quickly turns to anger and accusations. What could he have possibly done to make Jordan hate him? And how can he have such strong feelings for her when he also finds himself falling for MJ—a troubled young woman he has met only through her long-lost diary?
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