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The Only Sin by Janet McClintock

The Only Sin by Janet McClintock

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Book 3 in the Iron Angel Series

Six months ago, Joan Bowman’s fiancé, Duncan Archer, was shot during an ATF sting operation in Arizona. He’d left a message with a friend that, if anything happened to him, she was to call a certain phone number. That led her to Yonkers, New York, and Duncan’s longtime friend, Jeb Durham, who has control over Duncan’s estate. Their understanding was that, if Joan called, something had happened to Duncan, and she was to inherit the money.

Duncan’s plan was for Joan to use the money so she could buy a new identity and disappear. However, Jeb has other plans. He can’t accept the fact that his friend is dead and believes Joan had something to do it. He gives the money to her in advances only large enough to live on. If he keeps her close, he can play her, befriend her, and get her to open up to him and confess her part in Duncan’s demise. But Jeb has yet to learn what Duncan knew well: never play a player…

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