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The Romeo Prototype by Suzanne Jefferies

The Romeo Prototype by Suzanne Jefferies

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What would happen if a jaded romance writer had the opportunity to create her perfect man, only to find out he wasn't perfect, and that everything she thought of as romantic was decidedly not?

Adam is everything romance writer Joan Richardson could want: handsome, thoughtful, kind, and made entirely to her specifications—a one-of-a-kind prototype droid—but sadly not without glitches. On their way to his designer’s lab for repairs, they’re ambushed by Jack Carter, a smuggler, who instantly loses his catch to another band of thieves. Jack hitches a ride with the reluctant Joan as they follow the thieves to an airfield, where they sneak onto a cargo plane and end up crash landing in the Amazon rain forest. Joan makes a deal with Jack to get her and Adam back home safely. But before he can make good on the agreement, they are accosted by thugs with guns determined to steal Adam. Now Joan is caught in a web of deceit and betrayal worthy of a plot in one of her novels—only this time, the consequences could be much worse than just a bad review…

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