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The Settlement by Ken Bessette

The Settlement by Ken Bessette

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JoAnne and Phillip DiMatteo led an ideal life in their small Italian neighborhood. They were respected business owners and pillars of their community, with a large circle of good friends. But when Phillip unseats oafish and corrupt Mayor Michael Crotty and his political machine, the DiMatteo’s idyllic lives are forever changed. After Phillip tragically and mysteriously dies, JoAnne turns to the shelter of her best friends for support and comfort. Together they are soon confronted with information about Phillip’s untimely death which they simply can’t ignore. Living together in a stately house, named The Settlement, the ladies bring ingenuity to a new level in creating an elaborate sting to get corrupt Mayor Crotty out of office and into jail. Orchestrating every aspect of Operation Out ’n’ In, they assemble and direct a disparate cast of quirky characters who turn settling a score into an art form…

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