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The Watergate Post

The Watergate Post

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The Watergate Post

Lauren’s high school stands on the corners of Watergate and Post streets. Thus the name of her school newspaper, The Watergate Post. Compelled to write the story of her doomed newspaper, Lauren, a recent graduate, tells the story of its demise.

Running a high school newspaper can be a daunting task, especially when students have to work with outdated equipment, reluctant advertisers, and a difficult school principal. High school English teacher, eccentric and affable Bill Dombrowski, starts the paper, manned by a class of both under- and over-achievers. These students never expected they’d be so enthusiastic and dedicated. Even when some of the subject matter incurs the wrath of principal Silvers, the students prevail. But things change rapidly.

As the result of a silly editorial about the foul-tasting water in the school's fountains, Lauren and the other students come across a possible scandal, and the chase is on to gather evidence of a monstrous scheme to bilk the town residents out of their cash. They encounter political roadblock after roadblock in their search for the truth. Despite setbacks, the students are successful in blowing the whistle on the scheme. However, they are unprepared for the negative and downright vicious reaction from both the town fathers and the evildoers. Lauren and the entire high school unite to try and save their community and their teacher’s job. The story is funny, sad and uplifting at the same time.

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