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To Love a Marine by Debbie Lee

To Love a Marine by Debbie Lee

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He’d make the perfect husband—if he wasn’t a Marine…

After her husband is killed in Iraq, Tessa Matthews makes a promise to herself—never date another man in the military. Especially a Marine. A flat tire and dead cell phone threaten to challenge that vow when Gunnery Sergeant Dylan Cooper comes to her rescue. But can she ever allow herself to love a Marine—again?

He loves her but being a Marine is all he knows…

Dylan has never wanted any other occupation than being in the military, but now he’s in conflict. He knows Tessa cares for him, but she won’t allow herself to trust him or let the relationship develop past friendship as long as he’s a Marine. He’s also keeping an important secret from her that could end their relationship.

When the truth comes out, Tessa is devastated. How can she trust him with her heart when he could be killed at any moment?
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