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Tommy's Rival by Patrick Ashtre

Tommy's Rival by Patrick Ashtre

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Formerly a sought-after structural engineer and manager of complex construction sites across the country, Tommy Luck is now nothing more than an unemployed drunk. His lifestyle is simple: drink himself into a stupor each night and run each morning to minimize the effects of his nightly binges.

Assisting a friend in retrieving a hard-drive from an upscale residence in Northwest Washington DC, Tommy once again finds himself swept up in a complex web of murder and deceit. This particular hard-drive happens to belong to a powerful organization. It contains sensitive information, and they would do just about anything to get it back. The problem is the organization’s standard operating procedure is to eliminate any outsider who comes into contact with the hard-drive.

Fleeing the country to escape the organization and their pursuing assassins, Tommy finds himself matching wits with his long-time rival, John Smith. As Tommy works to uncover the truth he discovers there is more to this mystery than meets the eye, and no one seems to be who they claim. Every step of headway into exposing what’s really going on creates more uncertainty. The only thing Tommy Luck seems to be able to control, as he peels back the layers of deceit surrounding his situation, is his relentless schedule of drinking and running.

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