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Tripleye by John Hegenberger

Tripleye by John Hegenberger

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Tripleye ~ We never blink…

Early in the twenty-second century, a master of mind-control has risen to the head of Earth’s Weave Corp. Under the guise of the Neo-Socialists, he threatens to terrorize both the Inner and Outer Planets with murder, sabotage, and the theft of a strange bio-substance known as the Snot.

Against this malevolent foe, the mismatched ops of Tripleye use the LINK to mentally form an uneasy ensemble dedicated to fighting a madman’s warrior elite. From the free-wheeling splendor of Vegas Space Station to the eerie ruins of an underground Martian city, the first private eye agency on Mars risks everything to stop the death-dealing powers of Weave Corp.

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